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“The Whispers Game” will be published in France.

I am extremely happy to announce, that our upcoming book “The Whispers Game” has been sold for publication in France – Èditions Jungle. “The Whispers Game” is not yet published in Denmark, but has already been sold for publication in Korea and France. It is a graphic novel illustrated by Sofie Louise Dam. “The Whispers Game” is a story about a group of girls who try to help their class mate, who is subject to violent abuse at the hand of her mother. The book is written to further a sense of citizenship in children – in many countries children are now engaged in critical thinking with regards to issues such as the climate emergency. I see the discussion about children’s rights and violence against children as another theme, that children certainly also have strong opinions about. “The Whispers Game” can hopefully be a book that can facilitate discussions about such issues. The rights for this book is represented by AM Book Alessandra Sternfeld. Today I have also updated the English section of my website, where you can find more information about foreign rights for my books.

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