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Morten Dürr, Danish children’s author.

Are you a literary agent or publisher looking for new material?  I think it is terrific to see my books in foreign translation.

I am the author of 64 books for children. 15 of these titles have been translated and published in other countries. My books have been translated into 22 languages, and I have received several national book awards in Denmark.

Recent sales:

“The Whispers Game” – sold to Greece.
“Ivalu” – film rights sold to Danish film director Anders Walter and producer Kim Magnusson.
“Never Let Go of Samiras Hand” – sold to Turkey.
“Do Robots Poop?” – sold to Turkey.

“Do Robots Poop?” feature film rights sold to danish production company Nimbus Film (Another Round, The Bridge).
“Do Robots Poop?” – sold to Portugal.
“Ivalu” sold to Sweden and France.
“The Whispers Game” – sold to South Korea and France.

I am actively pursuing foreign publication deals for all my books but especially the following books listed below, where complete English translations are available. Please send me a mail, if you want to review the books in English or Danish.

“Comet Kurt & Rex: Spacemail”
This book is coming in Danish in early 2022 – contact me for foreign rights:
“Comet Kurt & Rex: Spacemail” is a comic book for young school children. Comet Curt lives on a planet faraway in a distant future. Although he is only 9 years old, he has his very own rocket. He has a cool job too! Kurt is a rocket delivery boy, he bring parcels across the universe. This book is a standalone story but our goal is to expand this book into a series. See more of Comet Kurt on instagram: #cometkurt

“The Whispers Game” 
Sold to: Korea, Greece and France.
Rights represented by AM Book.
“The Whisper Game” was published in Denmark in the spring of 2021, but has already been sold for publication in Korea, France and Greece. It is a graphic novel illustrated by Sofie Louise Dam. “The Whispers Game” is a story about a group of girls who try to help their class mate, who is subject to violent abuse at the hand of her mother. The book is written to further a sense of citizenship in children – in many countries children are now engaged in critical thinking with regards to issues such as the climate emergency. I see the discussion about children’s rights and violence against children as another theme, that children certainly also have strong opinions about. “The Whispers Game” can hopefully be a book that can facilitate discussions about such issues.

Sold to: Sweden, France and as Danish short film.
Rights represented by Am Book.
A graphic novel about a young girl in Greenland who suddenly has to face the horrible realities of incest and suicide, when her older sister Ivalu disappears. The book is now being developed into a live action short film.
Read more about “Ivalu” here:

Published in 18 languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French, arabic, Portuguese. The books was also adopted into a stage play for children.
Rights represented by Am Book.
A graphic novel about a girl fleeing from war in Syria. A book about hopes, dreams and loss.

“Marias doll”
Sold to: Sweden.
Rights – contact
A picture book about poverty, orphaned street children and childrens rights. The book was selected as one of the most important picture books by IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations)
“Marias Doll” was published in 2010 and is still in print – now in its 4. run. In Denmark it has become a class room classic, where school children in 3. grade are reading the book while discussing issues such as poverty and children’s rights.

“Never Let Go of Samiras Hand”
 Sold to: Sweden, Faro Islands, Germany and Turkey.
Rights – contact
My award winning easyread chapter book from 2008 – about the boy Nadim who founds courage in day to day life by invoking the ghost of his sister, Samira. This book is very special to me and one of my personal favorites!

“Do Robots Poop?”
Sold to: Portugal, Turkey and as a Danish feature film with international distribution.
Read about the movie here – press release from Cineuropa
Rights represented by Ersilia Literary Agency
My new novel for age 9 – 12 year about orphaned Conrad who pose as a robot in order to be adopted into a new family. A fun action packed story. The book is now being adapted and produced as a live action feature film by the Danish production company “Nimbus Film” The film will have international distribution via Sola Media and have Danish premiere in march 2022. Full English sample translation is available.

“A Poop with a 100 Legs”
Rights – contact
My most popular and bestselling book in Denmark to date!
A short novel from 2010 that is currently my most popular book among the  9 -12 year olds in Denmark. The book is a fun and engaging book about friendship and how to beat a bully by using the philosophy of Sun Tzu’ “The Art of War”.  Full English sample translation is available.

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