Morten Dürr, Danish children’s author.

I am a Danish Children’s author with 59 published books. My books have been translated into 21 languages. My current bestseller is the graphic novel “Zenobia” (artwork Lars Horneman) which has been sold for publication in 19 territories including: USA, Australia/New Zeland, Sweden, Norway, Faro Islands, Denmark, Croatia, Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Palestine, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and Germany.

I am actively pursuing foreign publication deals for all my books but especially the following seven books, where complete English translations are available. Please send me a mail, if you want to review the books in English or Danish. mortendurr@me.com

“Ivalu” – sold to: Sweden and France.
A graphic novel about a young girl in Greenland who suddenly has to face the horrible realities of incest and suicide, when her older sister Ivalu disappears. Read more about “Ivalu” here: 

“Zenobia” – published in 18 languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French, arabic, Portuguese.
A graphic novel about a girl fleeing from war in Syria. A book about hopes, dreams and loss.

 “Marias doll” – sold to: Sweden.
A picture book about poverty. The book was selected as one of the most important picture books by IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) https://www.ifla.org/files/assets/hq/publications/professional-report/136.pdf

“Eric sells the house” – my new picture book about Eric who sells the house for a lollipop.

“Do Robots Poop?” – sold to: Portugal.
My new novel for age 9 – 12 year about orphaned Conrad who pose as a robot in order to be adopted into a new family. A fun action packed story. The film option has been sold to the Danish production company “Nimbus Film”, who is developing a feature movie based on the book.

“Never Let Go of Samiras Hand” – sold to: Sweden and Germany.
My award winning easyread chapter book from 2008 – about the boy Nadim who founds courage in day to day life by invoking the ghost of his sister, Samira.

“A Poop with a Thousand Legs” – a short novel from 2010 that is currently my most popular book among the  9 -12 year olds in Denmark. The book is a fun and engaging book about friendship and how to beat a bully by using the philosophy of Sun Tzu’ “The Art of War”. 

“Kurt and the Big Wide World” – My picture book from 2017 about Kurt who wants to be a big boy who can stay up late. 

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