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“The Whispers Game” will be published in France.

I am extremely happy to announce, that our upcoming book “The Whispers Game” has been sold for publication in France – Èditions Jungle. “The Whispers Game” is not yet published in Denmark, but has already been sold for publication in Korea and France. It is a graphic novel illustrated by Sofie Louise Dam. “The Whispers […]

“Ivalu” was reviewed in the French magazine Casemate

The French magazine Casemate reviewed the French edition of our graphic novel “Ivalu”. Jean-Pierre Fuéri writes: «A book with an intense message, made all the more intense by its understatement. Once the book is over, you’ll start to think, shivering, of the unspeakable things that will undoubtedly happen again under this beautiful sun at the […]


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